Welcome to the Winthrop Friends of Ipswich Elementary Schools (FRIES) website! Be sure to bookmark the site so you can easily browse/search for the latest FRIES news, upcoming events, activities and ways to get involved with Winthrop. We appreciate your support!

Have a question or an idea for FRIES? Please email us at WinthropSchoolFRIES@gmail.com.

Winthrop School FRIES Fundraising 

~ proceeds from sales help support student programs ~

FRIES now uses PayPal for fundraising sales so that we may be as secure and contactless as possible during these times. All of the payments methods below are accepted. You do not need a PayPal account!

If you wish to purchase multiple items, start with “Add To Cart” for your first item and then click  Continue Shopping” at the top right of the PayPal checkout tab. 

Winthrop Family Directory

It is time to start putting together our Winthrop 2022-23 family directory! This is a FREE directory that FRIES puts together annual so that we know how to connect outside of school. It will list your family contact info and the names and grades of your students. This year we are moving to an ONLINE collection of data, but will still have the printed book (data will NOT be published online for privacy reasons). To be included in the book, please follow the link below and fill in the few required fields.

Even if you’ve been in the book in the past, please fill this in anew so we can start with fresh, good data.


Upcoming Events

Come back soon for exciting events for the 2022-23 school year!

*CORI forms are required to volunteer for Winthrop events, please complete with the front office.  CLICK HERE FOR A COPY OF THE CORI FORM