Thank you for your interest in Friends of Ipswich Elementary School, or FRIES as it is more commonly known.

FRIES is a volunteer organization dedicated to making a difference in the education and quality of life of Ipswich’s children at both the Winthrop and Doyon schools, each with its own chapter.

Parents, teachers, grandparents, business leaders, and other community members make up FRIES and support its goals to sponsor enrichment programs, cultural and artistic performances, educational enhancements, teacher appreciation and even facility upgrades (Have you seen the new Winthrop playground?!).


We are an independent non-profit organization of parents and staff of the Winthrop School. Our primary goal is to support and enhance educational programs at the school. We provide volunteer staff where needed, organize and fund enrichment programs and activities, and provide funding for educational materials requested by teachers but not covered by the school budget.

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